Why choose ShareGroop?

ShareGroop supports you towards a simple and efficient management of your payment infrastructure.

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80 workflows


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Provide the right payment experience

Group 1324

Smart checkout

Personalize your payment pages with simple-use workflows.

Group 1316

Payment routings

Configure your transactions routing to optimize your acceptation rate.

Group 1321

More than 200 payment methods

Access to more than 200 plug&play payment methods.

Reduce the integration burden

Group 1318

Only one integration

Access our platform and all of our features through one single integration. 

Group 1317

A multi-level configuration

Our platform is configurable on multiple levels and adapts perfectly to your organization.

Group 1327

An API that adapts to the existing

Our centralized API and server notifications adapt to your existing infrastructure. 

Ease the reconciliation

Group 1329

Automate your payouts

Automate your payouts and configure your reportings according to your financial processes. 

Group 1328

Flows unification

Unify all of your money streams : payment methods, sales channels, countries or brands. 

Group 1325

Link your accounting tools

Interconnect your accounting softwares through our reporting API and reduce the workload. 

Benefit from real insights about your activity

Group 1331

A team at your service

Our team assists you at every step of the project.

Group 1323

We adapt to your needs

We developed an expertise in the support of key accounts. 

Group 1322

Benefit from our expertise

Our experts will give you all the keys to optimize your payment system.  de paiement.

Choose a local partner

Group 1326

A global coverage

Our platform will help you expand your international coverage.

Group 1320

A local tax redistribution

Support the local economy through fair value redistribution.

Group 1315

A committed partner

Choose a partner committed for society and environment.

Our customers'

They know best.