Personalize your payments and boost your sales!

ShareGroop is the first personalized payment solution.

With more than 20 payment solutions available through a single integration, you can customize your payment experience based on your customers’ needs.

From financing and gifting solutions to dedicated group experience services and a multitude of payment methods are available.

Our payment modules

Split Payment

Split Payment

Improve your conversion rate by deleting money advance.
Shared Payment simplifies purchase experience allowing your clients to share a group purchase amount directly on your payment page.   

1. The captain (purchase initiator) books for his group on your website.

2. He pays his share and sends a payment link to the other participants.

3. Each participant pays his own share on ShareGroop sharing space.

It’s up to you to define the right sharing delay and user experience for your customers.


Digital Giftcard

Increase your sales and collect participants datas. 
Father’s Day, Christmas… Digital Giftcard is integrated on your website and let your clients choose if they want to book it alone or with others.

1. A client orders a gift card on your website: he can choose to offer it alone or with other participants (money pot experience)

2. By choosing money pot experience, he defines the amount of his participation and shares the link to the other participants

3. At the end of the participation delay, the initiator receives the giftcard with a code number accepted by your website as a payment method

It’s up to you to define the right participation delay and user experience: single participation, several participations or both experiences combined

Buy Now Pay Later

Buy Now Pay Later



Engage your audience and increase your average shopping cart 
Buy Now Pay Later is a payment facility that streamlines your customers’ shopping experience. So they can order products on your site and only pay for them later.

Increase your customer satisfaction with payment in installments
Give your customers the flexibility of multi-payment by allowing them to pay in installments. Increase your conversion by providing a frictionless payment experience.

1. Customer selects his products and chooses the Buy Now Pay Later payment method from ShareGroop.

2. The customer enters his bank details and chooses the payment date that suits him best.

3. He confirms his order and will only be debited on the selected date.

Option 1: It is up to you to define the maximum payment term of the payment.

Option 2: ShareGroop advances the funds and takes care of the customer’s payment.

1. When your customers are about to order, they just have to select the Installement ShareGroop option. 

2. They fill in their bank details and choose the number of installments they want to pay for the total order. 

3. They confirm their order and will only be debited on the dates corresponding to the due dates

Pay by link
One Click
Multi cards

Single Pay

For an even simpler and smoother checkout experience.  

Remove the friction of a time-consuming and complicated checkout process by offering one-click checkout. A payment solution that will boost your conversion and retention rates.

A single partner for better transaction management.

By integrating the ShareGroop solution, you will be able to process all your payments from our platform. A solution that will allow you to simplify the monitoring of your financial KPI’s internally.

1. Before starting the online shopping experience, your customers log in to their account where their personal information and bank details are stored.

2. They choose the products & services they wish to purchase.  

3. He validates his cart and confirms his payment in one click. 

1. Your customer selects the products he wants to order and confirms the contents of his basket.

2. He chooses the payment method he wants to use.

3. He fills in his bank details and validates his payment. 

Pay by link
Multi cards

Recurring Payment

For a more sustainable shopping experience.

By giving them the opportunity to make micro-donations to social or ecological causes that are important to them, you are engaging your customers to make their consumption more fair and sustainable.

Boost your sales with subscription.

By automating the payment of your customers, become less dependent on contextual complications. With ShareGroop, follow in real time all your transactions from a single platform.

1. Once the cart is filled, your customer chooses ShareGroop’s solidarity payment solution.

2. He chooses the partner association that will benefit from his donation and enters the amount of the donation.  

3. He enters his bank details, confirms the payment and his donation and will receive a confirmation email.

1. Once on your website, your customer chooses to pay by subscription.

2. He fills in the personal and banking information.

3. He confirms the terms of his subscription, confirms the payment and receives a confirmation email.

Pay by link
Make Pay
Multi cards

Money Pot

Meet the demands of the new generations.

With the “Make pay” solution, offer the younger generation the possibility to order the products they want by delegating the payment to a relative.

Give your customers more freedom with a money pot.

The money pot is the best way for your customers to order a product or to offer a gift together. Thus, you boost your conversion, increase your average basket and enrich your CRM. 

1. The customer selects the products he wants to order, validates the basket and chooses the payment by delegation.

2. He fills in the delivery information. ShareGroop then provides a payment link.

3. He sends this link to one of his relatives so that he can make the payment for him. 

1. The customer gives a name to the money pot and fills in the main information associated with it.

2. He pays his share.

3. He shares the money pot with the other participants. Everyone pays their share. Once the amount of the goal is reached, the money pot is validated.

Pay by link
Pay by Link
Multi cards

Multi Cards

One more step towards omnicanality with payment by link
The health situation implies a limitation of contacts and your customers are more and more in a hurry. Streamline your online and physical payments by sending links (via sms, whatsapp or email).

Improve your conversion on high value orders 

Multi-card payment is the way to avoid situations of bank failure. This is particularly the case when you reach the limit of your credit card. No more frustrations!

1. In store, online or from a chatbot, a customer may want to buy a product immediately. 

2. To do so, you just have to send him a payment link through his preferred means (mail, sms or whatsapp).

3. This link redirects him to a secure payment page. He enters his bank details and validates the payment.

1. When the customer orders his products on your site, he chooses ShareGroop’s Multi Cards payment facility.  

2. He chooses the number of cards he wants to use and assigns to each one the amount he wants. 

3. He then enters the bank details of each card and confirms his order. 

Group service

Group Service (>10 PAX)

Automate the encashment and reduce your costs.

ShareGroop facilitates big groups booking (>10 people:  work council, school groups, seminar, leasure groups) by automating encashment.

1. Once validated the estimate, you can share the payment link to the group captain.

2. The captain shares the link to the co-buyers on messengers, social medias or by email.

3. Each group member can pay its share of the deposit and balance on ShareGroop sharing space. 

Once information is requested, the estimate is sent, the encashment is done. It’s up to you to define the tasks you want to automate and the ones you want to keep as it stands.

Viral booking

Viral Booking

Boost clients acquisition thanks to our “Groupon like” solution.

Dynamic Pricing allows your web-buyers to benefit discounts on a group purchase depending on the number of participants. 

1. One of your customers orders on your website and pays his products.

2. He shares the cart link to his friends and invites them to join the order.

3. The participants can benefit discounts depending on the order aggregate amount.

It’s up to you to define this viral cart lifetime and the threshold values (amounts or quantities).

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Payment methods

Credit & Debit cards 💳

Accept all bank cards types including CB, VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS. 

E-Chèque-Vacances 🕊

Expand your provided payment methods by accepting the digital version of vacation vouchers.

Virtual IBAN ↪

Improve your conversion and make easier bank reconciliation by accepting Virtual IBAN as payment method.


Countries 🌍

The solution is accessible from Europe, America, Africa and Asia areas. Our support service goes global with you.

Languages 💬

ShareGroop different interfaces are available in french, english, german, spanish, portuguese and chinese.

Currencies 💸

ShareGroop allows you to accept more than 170 currencies in the world with regulated exchange rates.

You have a specific need?  Contact-us to check if our solution is matching.

Integration process

ShareGroop integration is made thanks to the web-services we provide you. ShareGroop’s services are accessible on demand or via our booking engines and CMS partners platforms. Our technology is based on a micro-services stack that allows us to provide a high modularity of solutions. Integration delay: 1 widget to copy paste and 1 API call.

ShareGroop can be integrated thanks to the generation of a pre-paid virtual card number, without API back-end integration. This card number allows us to instantly settle the total order amount. Then ShareGroop’s mission is to collect the different co-buyers amounts.

The solution allows you to generate payment links directly from your ShareGroop back-office. You can send it by email, SMS or in your chat. This solution is already used by different call centers and group services!

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