The payment revolution is underway

ShareGroop is the first intelligent payment solution. 

Offer the right payment method to the right customer at the right time. 

Buy Now Pay Later for online shopping, Gift Card for holiday shopping or Split Payment for group experiences…. 

Personalize your payment experience!

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They trust us

So don't hesitate any longer

Nearly 20 facilities and means of payment 
A range of choices that gives you the freedom to choose and offer the payment solutions best suited to the needs of your consumers.

One integration for a multitude of solutions
Simple et efficace, c’est le mot d’ordre du process. L’intégration nécessite le copier-coller d’un widget et un appel API. 

Compatible with all PSPs
We guarantee a complete integration of our solutions with your payment provider without any disruption.

A 360° support
We will be at your side from the identification of the most relevant solutions to the analysis of the results through the integration and communication with your audience.

Solutions for you needs


A skyrocketing conversion rate

Simplify your customer’s purchases with innovative solutions, and you can be sure that their conversion rate will skyrocket. For example, payment in several installments or multi-cards are increasingly in demand.


A much richer CRM

Multi-payment or gift card are payment facilities that encourage your customers to share their order. Thus, you will not have one customer but on average 4. It’s good to take!


Ubiquitous customer satisfaction

Payment is the last point of contact you have with your customer.
Make this moment a factor of loyalty thanks to our payment solutions. He will be grateful.

Some good reasons to pay with ShareGroop


Easy organisation

No need to advance money and ask to get your cash back: each co-buyer pay his share!


Better Managed Spending

Paying with several cards or spreading out the due dates is the assurance that you won’t end up in the red at the end of the month!


Personalized experience

In-store or online, an adapted service meeting specific needs is always more appreciated!

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