A single payment platform for Enterprises

ShareGroop is a 360° payment platform that offers merchants and consumers the best payment experience.


Access more than 200 payment methods in plug & play.

Substantially increase your conversion rates by using workflows to personalize your checkout and deliver an optimal payment experience


Find all your centralized data in one place.

Observe analytics across your entire payment journey to identify and drive growth drivers. Enrich your dataset with A/B tests and insights from our experts.

of your

Automate your reconciliation with centralized and personalized management of your payments. Payouts and reports are fully adapted to your existing financial processes. With our API, you can interconnect your accounting tools with our platform.

for Companies

Our multi-level platform is tailored to structured businesses and allows you to manage your organization and user access through a single technical integration. Our API integrates with your existing infrastructure and you choose which server notifications to listen to.

Our customers'

They know best.