Group payment is now a reality!

ShareGroop is the first group payment solution integrated on e-commerce websites. When we book an experience with friends, no need to advance money anymore: we can now pay online together.

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3 steps for a successful split payment


Products booking

On the e-commerce website, the captain (purchase initiator) books products for his group and chooses ShareGroop as payment solution.


Captain validation

The captain completes the bank form to pay his own share. Then he sends the payment link to the other participants.


Participants payment

Participants clic on the payment link, they confirm the share they want to take over and validate their payment.

Some good reasons to pay with ShareGroop


Easy organisation

No need to advance money and ask to get your cash back: each co-buyer pay his share!



By sharing the payment, each co-buyer benefits from his bank card insurance.


Group discount

By booking together, we can get a discount depending on the group purchase amount.

The most frequently asked questions 🤔

What about the payment deadline for my friends?

The sharing deadline is defined by merchants, but it could be up to 6 days. The payment deadline is mentionned on ShareGroop payment page and in the email sent to the captain.

Can a group member pay several shares?

Absolutely! A participant can pay other shares in addition to his own one. It’s often the case with parents and their children for multi-families bookings. It also can be the case with generous friends 🤗